Quitting Smoking

Tips on quitting smoking

When you start to quit smoking, you'll still have urges for a cigarette. Remember, your urge will last for just a few minutes and you will be able to get it over. You may refer to the following tips when you have an urge to smoke:


Whenever you want a cigarette, wait! Slow down your action and recall your reasons of quitting. If you are already holding a cigarette in your hand, try not to get it lighted. In a few minutes, you will get over your urge.


Wash your face, listen to your favourite music or talk to others in order to let yourself 'cool down'. You may also take a short break or do some stretching exercises for diverting your attention on the urge.

Deep Breathing and Drink Water

Do not look down upon simple methods such as deep breathing and drinking water. These methods will help you defeat your urge to smoke.

You can relieve your stress and regain your concentration by doing breathing exercise slowly.

Apart from dealing with cravings, you should also pay attention to avoid triggers:

  • Avoid environment that is filled with secondhand smoke and refuse any invitation to smoke.

  • Alcohol may lower your vigilance to smoking, so avoid drinking alcohol during the early stage of quitting.

  • Avoid caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee, strong tea, cola, etc. These drinks may provoke cravings.

  • If you used to smoke when you feel bored, why not do something else such as planting, reading, keeping pet, playing chess, jogging, doing exercise and making use of community resources, such as participating courses in community centres.

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